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Chindi, Seth Godin’s Chihuhua

Chihuahuas NEVER shut up.  One does not reason with a chihuahua.  If it interferes with the normal goings on, and won’t shut up, you punt it across the yard.  If that doesn’t shut it up, you toss it into its training cage.  If that doesn’t shut it up, you put it, cage and all, into the basement water closet and shut the door.

Unfortunately the hell-hole called the Squid U Forum was invaded a long time back by Chindis and not only have they bred they have multiplied and taken over.

Like the rest of the chihuahuas, they yap even though they don’t have a clue.  Their yammer, er,  ‘opinion’ is more important than anything else and everyone is damn well gonna hear it, relentlessly until EVERYONE toes their line.  Don’t like it?  We’ll chew you up around the ankles! See who’s the authority HERE!

Instead of punting, Squidoo has turned into that old hag in the broken down trailer that has hoarded, and spoiled, a whole passel of the nasty creatures and EVERYONE that comes around is going to KOW TOW to that idiocracy.

The results are every bit as ignorant as you could possibly expect, and the effects worse than you could imagine, letting Chindi and her brood run the Seth Godin show.

Chindi thinks promotional marketing materials are copyright infringement and not to be used.  Chindi thinks that MONETIZATION IS CONTENT and therefore it must be ORIGINAL. Chindi thinks, and has relentlessly treated, ‘original content’ like the paper for Chindi’s cage.

Therefore, the old hag has decreed that NONE shall use marketing materials, promotional materials, manufacturer’s specs, product titles or customer reviews as EXPLICITLY decreed by Amazon’s TOS and almost every other affiliate program in existence INCLUDING Google.

Chindi thinks that such ‘duplicate content’ as marketing, promotional materials, manufacturer’s specs, as well as creative, artful, humorous or educational use of content is BAD.

Therefore the old hag has decreed that duplicate content must be filtered and if anything is found, the lenses SEIZED from their owners, even if they are published authors quoting themselves.

Chindi thinks that the ‘Fair Use Clause’ that runs culture, science, medicine, media, literature, music and the entire web is merely a cover for stealing someone’s COPYRIGHTED material.

Therefore the old hag has decreed that there will be NO ‘Fair Use Clause’ that applies to her lensmasters or lenses.  If there are 4,000 handbag lenses on Squidoo, we will find 4.000 ways not to duplicate the word handbag.

Chindi thinks that ‘Public Domain’, ‘Copyleft’ and ‘Copyright Free’ have no meaning.

Therefore the old hag has decreed that EVERYTHING under those and related designations will have links to the ORIGINALS that, of course, are all over the web.  Like 4,000 year old scrolls, original manuscripts, the masterpiece painter’s works that are stored there, right there, on the web.

1.5 MILLION PAGES for lensmasters to go back through and, even though not REQUIRED by sources or by the law, hag says we will link to them ORIGINAL SOURCES and DAMN IT ALL, YOU WILL or we will make sure the world FOREVER thinks you are a scammer, a thief, a real scumbag.

Chindi is LAZY.  Chindi thinks that LENSMASTERS are the CURATORS of content, NOT the PROVIDERS of content for SQUIDOO to curate.

Therefore the hag tells the lensmasters what they will curate and how they will curate it.   Currently Squidoo markets to audiences for coloring pages, cupcakes and Bangladeshi click farms.  BUT it is the LENSMASTER’S fault that there are no grown-up adult visitors with money visiting or buying.  Chindi and her hag think that welfare moms, wannabee Walmart lensmasters and coloring pages is the FAST way to strike it rich.

Chindi LOVES that ‘back end’ sniffing.  Can’t get THAT pleasure enough.

So hag therefore FAVORS those who do the best sniffing, willing to throw a few licks in.  Hag has bequeathed special privileges on those, access they shouldn’t have, thumbs up for the best sniffers, unknown dings for the worse sniffers, and outright suppression of the work of those who don’t sniff at all.

Chindi likes agility in her ‘subjects’.

Therefore hag has provided plenty of hoops and chutes, carrots and sticks, scary monsters and badges all leading to…. nothing.  Nothing but generation of INTERNAL traffic because, well, hardly anybody outside likes the same garbage on the top 100 list for years and years and years- no sense in giving up the sniffing perks just to get paid by Google for traffic.  We’ll get it by the agility trials INTERNALLY.  Just as good.

So, what’s Seth Godin going to DO with a batch of Chindis like that?

Since Chindi doesn’t know a whisker from a frog pond on ANY of these issues, dump Chindi where it belongs- myspace, or the nearest shelter, but get it out of our face and out of our work.

There is a DIFFERENCE between content and monetization.  SUPPORT CONTENT that will SAVE Squidoo from new Google algorythms.  Monetization is to be done ACCORDING TO AFFILIATE TOS.  There is NO EXCUSE for forcing lensmasters to violate the TOS of ANY affiliate program, ESPECIALLY Amazon.

NEVER, EVER force lensmasters to be in violation of their affiliate accounts.

There is a RIGHT to public domain, copyleft and copyright free information.  End the idiotic demand that all images on every lens be credited to ‘original’ sources.  The BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THE ACCUSERS.  IF they can PROVE images are in violation of copyright and Fair Use Clause, take action on an INDIVIDUAL basis.  Don’t afflict all lensmasters with Chindi’s relentless yapping based on mere opinion.   Chindi’s demands are NO OBLIGATION on the part of content providers, I don’t care how relentlessly Chindi yaps.

There is NO EVIDENCE that ‘duplicated copyrighted material used in an unlawful manner that violates Fair Use Clause’ exists on this site.  DO NOT FLAG OR LOCK LENSES UNTIL THERE IS PROOF OF ACTIONABLE QUANTITIES OF SUCH VIOLATIONS.  Undo ALL flags and locks until there is EVIDENCE that those lenses contain such.  Change the ‘lens locked’ sign so that it does not imply the author of that lens is a thief, scammer, or dishonest in any way.

Even if Chindi can read, you know that copyright law as written has almost NOTHING to do with how it is interpreted and applied in court of law.  THOSE decisions are what affect how and when copyright is violated and when it is not.  WITHOUT THE COURT’S INTERPRETATION and application, simply picking up a generic copy of the document tells one NOTHING.

If your Chindis don’t quit yapping about legal matters beyond their knowledge, and you aren’t willing to ship them off to the local pound, then HIRE AN EXPERT who KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS COPYRIGHT LAW.

Let THEM have their own section at SquidU to tell all lensmasters the very same thing Google tells them: IF YOU DON’T WANT IT COPIED THEN NEVER EVER EVER PUT IT ON THE INTERNET EVEN ONE TIME.

Make that section mandatory for all lensmasters who think that Chindi has taught them something, and that it is a crime to use manufacturer’s specifications, titles, marketing copy or media kits, or that fair use doesn’t apply to lensmasters also, or that public domain is simply a ruse, or that no lensmaster has the right to quote themselves without first getting Chindi’s permission.

Immediately CEASE the idiotic ‘requirement’ that all images be given credit to ‘original’ sources, let lensmasters stick to the agreements of those sources in the first place.  Many require no acknowledgment at all.  We do NOT look smarter or more diligent by adding copyright information where it does not apply.  We will NOT re-do 1,500,000 pages and untold more images just to shut up your pet’s yaps.

Return the full function to the Pinterest button.  It is a useless accommodation to allow Squidoo’s button to ONLY pin the introduction picture. Squidoo’s pin function will remain unused and visitors will use the one provided in their browser to pin whatever they want.

Inform concerned lensmasters that if they don’t want information, images, concepts or ideas duplicated in any way, then do NOT put them on lenses.  Google images uses those things for cacheing, for image search and for search without permission.  Search engines all over the world do the same.  Any of that content has already been copied and cached if it has been put on a lens, and even if there is a genuine copyright violation, it will never be possible to stop all of it for that reason.

Do YOUR Job.  You’ve done a hell of a job marketing a money-making opportunity to writers by building Squidoo lenses.  But you are LOST when marketing to the OUTSIDE world, unless you think that coloring pages and cupcakes brings in a thoughtful and loyal adult audience that comes back again and again.  CURATE THE CONTENT on your site, at least Drudge knows who its target audience TRULY is.  Your expertise is supposedly the same.  Do it NOW.

Strip all forms of suppression and alterations of lensrank that favor NON-CONTENT internet-marketing-guru-wannabee style lenses over the true content that Google wants to see.  Angels program in particular is horrendously corrupt and useless.  Unless you want NO content on site.  Unless you too think that monetization is content.  If so, then the content will migrate OFF of Squidoo and you will be left with over-seo’d link farm pages that will collapse under its own useless weight.

Current pay ranking began when there were just 100,000 lenses at Squidoo and they haven’t changed at all.  Lensmasters expected those payranks would increase proportionally.  Instead we see suppression, yahoo pipes that feed traffic, sales and selected information to a certain few for THEIR benefit.  WE HAVE NO EVIDENCE that this is being handled appropriately.

This is the season of trusted betrayals. From ‘et tu Brute?’ to the crucifixion, history teaches us to ‘trust and verify’.  We want verification.

We want genuine content supported, promoted and curated by Squidoo in such a way that it attracts a well-heeled audience who will read our work and hopefully support it by purchase.

If you prefer to become the ‘Dollar Store’ of the internet, be our guest.  You do not need our content in order to fulfill THAT dream.

You KNOW what I’m talking about with copyright or your April Fool’s Day Joke wouldn’t have been so funny.



3 comments on “Chindi, Seth Godin’s Chihuhua

  1. spookmoor
    April 8, 2012

    Well seeing as no one is prepared to comment? Let me have the honour of being the first. You are a brave lass and well said, I have lived through a lot of this. The most important point being that even in today’s horrific economy there are people who still have money, it’s just a case of finding them. That these same people are going to be splashing out on colouring pages, cupcake recipes and any other recipe, is of course the $64000 question. Which reminds me, by posting a recipe, are you not just copying somebody else’s original recipe?

    • Although I always reword and modify any recipes I use and add my original pictures (though I rarely credit them to myself), I suppose there is a bit of repetition even within Squidoo itself when I say things like “one chopped onion” or “two eggs, beaten.” I wonder why the filter hasn’t caught that yet.

      I would hate to think of leaving Squidoo, since it was my first writing home, but it has done away with so much that was good about it and added so many unnecessary and distracting things. It makes me sad. I’m waiting to see how my own little dispute with getting caught in the filter is resolved. And I’m wondering when they will start catching some of my other work where I might have quoted too much in black boxes or some such. I’m copying all my work everywhere — just in case.

      I, too, commend your bravery. I make few affiliate sales on Squidoo, except for Zazzle, and that happens outside Squidoo. I have been concentrating on building up HubPages now, and seeming they have their own obnoxious filters. Was going to try my first Moving Pieces article tonight, but got caught on errors about my tags words so I can’t go any further. I did send a bug report. Hope it’s resolved soon so I can give it a try.

  2. bulldogsturf
    April 8, 2012

    I would just like to add to Spookmoor’s comment, it is a brave move to write as you have, and bravery is honoured with medals, so give yourself some, but please not those ugly ones.

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