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Chocolate & Squidlikes. Abuse, Abuse, Abuse

Problem. Squidoo headquarters REQUIRES 20 squidlikes for a lens to be 100%.

Problem. Even with the requirement, headquarters advises us that we cannot ASK for squidlikes.

Problem: Lenses without 20 squidlikes can be dropped into wip.

Opportunity? Someone called @1chocolateparty on twitter is selling squidlikes.

My conversation with this person started when I saw their lens tweeted.

My reply to them was “I can’t make sense of what your lens says to do. After 20, squidlikes serve no purpose, squidooers buy nothing from you.”

Their response was “Tell me more about the purpose of SquidLikes before 20. I think they have no monetary value whatsoever. For that reason I charge nothing :)”

The ONLY value Squidlikes have is to get your lens up to 100% so it isn’t continually at risk for being tossed back into wip. Anything over that may contribute a tiny bit to lensrank boostings, but those boosts won’t last long enough to get you and keep you into a paying tier. Especially if you get them all at the same time, or nearly at the same time.

To pay anyone for squidlikes is preposterous. To try and create a ‘market’ and generate income from squidlikes is purely abuse.

The abuse is worsened, in my opinion, by the fact that this person uses ‘chocolate’ as their keyword for their lens. The oblique references to selling squidlikes has nothing to do with chocolate, almost every chocolate lens at Squidoo does get at least some outside traffic, but using keywords in this manner is abusive.

If I were an outside visitor looking at ‘chocolate’ and landed on that page, I would be out of Squidoo forever. Scams are everywhere, no need to rake them in from bad sites.

I suggest that Squidooers get realistic about squidlikes. Outside traffic doesn’t give them. Inside traffic does, yes, but Squidooers don’t spend money on YOUR pages. Only outside visitors do that. Twenty squidlikes are necessary for no other reason than Squidoo headquarters say they are. If they are a requirement, then not permitting a Squidoo lensmaster to ask for help making that requirement only invites abuse.

Do whatever you have to in order to get your 20. After that, forget about it and do whatever you need to to earn some money with your lenses.


5 comments on “Chocolate & Squidlikes. Abuse, Abuse, Abuse

  1. CherylK
    March 27, 2012

    Great post…I agree with you 100% :-). I have to say that I often really like a lens and will comment on it but totally forget to go back and Squid LIke it. It’s something I’m trying to be better about.

    I find that updating a lens (and tweeting about it) tends to bring other lensmasters to look at it and hopefully they’ll like it enough to Squid Like it. If not…well, that’s just the way it goes, sometimes.

  2. squidoospook
    March 27, 2012

    Disgraceful. I never make any money any way or remain in a top tier for more than a week so find myself having lost interest in a big way. Perchance it is time to try somewhere new where pull and graft don’t come into the equation?

  3. B.G. Hart (@Gale427)
    March 27, 2012

    I’m discouraged. I see my one Tier 1 lens falling past 1700 today after almost three months in Tier 1. Without it, I’ll be back to just making my $10 (about) payout again, since my sales are rare. I have made wonderful friends at Squidoo, but it’s getting harder and harder to earn anything there. I see non-quality lenses in the top tiers and excellent lenses beneath them. I hope at least I’m getting some backlinks and Zazzle sales from the work I do at Squidoo. Are WIP lenses still visible in Google?

    • Janienne Jennrich
      April 4, 2012

      1700 is great and within Tier 1. I am not sure I understand why you are discouraged. : )

      To be sure, Squidoo is not a “get rich quick” deal. It takes commitment and consistency. After 4 years, I am still learning and improving. Some of my lousy lenses have started moving up in rank after a couple tweaks to title, photo, or page layout.

      Hang in there, people. Once you are established with some popular lenses on Squidoo, you will make income even on weeks you don’t work. That is something not many jobs do!

  4. MyAroma
    March 29, 2012

    Does it really matter whether your lens has 20 likes? I think not.

    The only lenses in real danger of getting into WIP, are the ones with no traffic at all. Even having 2-3 weekly visits keeps a lens out of WIP. The lenses without traffic don’t earn anything anyway, so why even care?

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