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A huge opportunity for strategic squidoo’ing has presented itself. I think it creates money making opportunities, reduces squidoo-stress, and helps a lensmaster to generate a dedicated, following audience.

Some Declines are Opportunities!

Recently Financial Times wrote an article that hopefully interests Squidoo lensmasters. I think it provides an opening that could be a terrific opportunity. The report discusses the serious decline in newspapers and magazines.

People still love to read magazines, despite the decline of subscription purchases. People prefer to get such articles free, and spend their money in other ways that tangibly improve the quality of their lives. These two dynamics create opportunities for a format and focus of lenses.

Magazine Style Lenses

We have seen how well many list lenses do, ten ways to do this, or 7 things to avoid, and so forth. This is a magazine approach to creating lenses. Concise articles that address issues and problems, offer related things for sale, and point to other magazine-style articles, will draw readers who are accustomed to reading this type of content.

How-to lenses, social issues, newsy articles, advice articles, reviews, entertainment, crafting, beauty tips, fashion, scientific developments; there are many forms magazine lenses can take, and untold millions of things that could be written on a world of subjects.

Is ‘Authority’ Necessary?

A Squidoo lensmaster who wants to create a niche account does not need to be an ‘authority’ if they are writing article lenses, saving themselves a great deal of stress in attempting to become an authority site. For decades, since the beginning of magazines, freelance writers have earned good money writing articles of interest without being an authority on a subject, but rather, just having something interesting to say.

You can develop a natural authority simply by writing many articles on a corresponding topic, a collection of 20 or 30 good articles on a topic like ‘stress’ for example, will go a long way to increase your authority on that subject over time.

You can develop a supporting blog along the same lines of interest, discussing the difference in each article one at a time, and linking to your corresponding lens.

New articles on a topic are ‘fresh’, an important feature in Google and for Squidoo.

What about Evergreen Lenses?

There is an idea among Squidooers of ‘evergreen’ lenses, ones who’s information remains relevant year after year. While this is an important concept, it deserves a little unpacking.

Like magazines throughout the years, it is topics, more than articles, that are evergreen. If that wasn’t the case, the subject would not be in a magazine but in a book. Many of those articles are, in fact, ‘evergreen’, useful year after year, but by no means has that ever been a critical factor in whether an article is suited to be in a magazine.

Magazines have succeeded by getting repeat visitors, an audience, which is what subscriptions were all about. Developing an audience is extremely important for Squidoo lensmasters because it is repeat visitors who will traffic your lenses and buy from you again and again.

Even Squidoo has little use for ‘permanent, evergreen’ pages. The importance of any site on the internet being ‘fresh’ can’t be overstated. The hyperdrive of headquarters to get lensmasters to continually create new content is proof of this. The drastic fall of lenses into the deeper purgatory of lensrank is further proof. Google itself prefers fresh content.

Use this to your own advantage. Create articles on your favorite topics, one article per lens, with appropriate relevant product for sale.

Lower Stress Squidooing

Magazine style lensmaking can be a lot less stressful than other forms. Articles are much shorter than full-blown resource pages. You can write your articles in three or four paragraphs, one module for each, intersperse your other modules, and have a terrific page.

Your lens doesn’t need to be a mile long and cover every conceivable aspect of your topic. Headquarters advice is to take your current crop of lenses and see if you can go deeper, module by module, product by product, and drill down to specific ‘niche’ lenses. In effect, this is the drive to a magazine article approach to lenscrafting. However, with the ‘article’ approach, and using magazines as a guide, you can make them not simply about product and keywords, but about interesting, empowering, useful, entertaining and memorable reading for your audience.

No More Hoops to Jump Through

It used to be that magazine article writers had loads of hoops to jump through. Your articles had to be approved for publication while research on relevancy and ‘advertising’ opportunities were established. Sometimes articles had to support specific products. Others edited the article and by the time it actually got into print, may be nearly unrecognizable.

Squidoo has given you carte blanche to write articles about whatever you want, whenever you want, with publication at the push of a button. You can write the article to promote products directly, or write interesting articles with product offered that will likely interest readers. The hoops are gone. Go ahead and publish your articles!

It Doesn’t Take Long

Everyone is accustomed to magazine style reading, and the advertising that goes along with it. People do remember writers and their articles and look for more from their favorite authors. With good articles and memorable reading, it doesn’t take that long to develop a returning audience.

Step into the Void

Experienced squidoo lensmasters are ready to step into the void created by the economy and the changing means for people to access content. By stepping up to the plate, you may discover a new style and method of squidooing that will be very rewarding.


4 comments on “Magazine Your Squidoo

  1. KK
    March 18, 2012

    Thanks Margaret. With the magazines Squidoo is putting out now, and blogging trending in the magazine layout, matching the writing to match makes perfect sense!

  2. Paul Duxbury
    March 18, 2012

    Interesting article and very much the direction I am looking at – but aligning my lenses with my blogs. So one of the things that I have been looking at is presenting a page on one of my blogs which has all the lenses in a particular niche account displayed on it in an interesting and easily accessible way.

    Whilst I dislike Pinterest I do like the visual display they use. If I can use/find a decent WordPress theme which has that particular format I would be looking to display all my lenses on one page and then have other supporting articles around it. Effectively creating our own magazines by weaving our lenses into them is a good idea and I will be interested in seeing how it plays out.

  3. Tony Payne
    March 18, 2012

    Nicely presented. I’m still not fully sure of how the Squidoo magazines will work with any of my lenses, since they don’t easily fit into any of the main niches, but anything that can help to give Squidoo lenses an identity can’t be a bad thing.

  4. John Michael
    March 18, 2012

    great information – thanks for the insight

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