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The Staying Power of Squidoo Lenses

Some of us ‘pioneers’ (known by the ridiculous award under our bio) have been very surprised by the staying power of many of our Squidoo lenses.

There are perhaps a thousand ways to approach Squidoo successfully, and Seth knows that there are TONS of Squidoo gurus, but it seems to me that the staying power of Squidoo lenses is peculiar unto itself.

As the seasons of the years ebb and flow, there are particular lenses that rise back up to the occasion and they do it every year.  While the latest and greatest new fads, new toys, new gadgets and new fashions seem to have their short blitz, I have come to believe that even internet people, and internet shoppers are creatures of HABIT.

Those creatures of habit are looking for the same things year by year- comfort foods, Christmas traditions and information, child and family information, how to survive in better ways, how to feel more like THEMSELVES.

Yes, of course, if you can do it, build lenses for the latest and greatest, most fashionable and wacky.

Just don’t forget that humans are humans and, well, you can get a return audience year by year by tapping into the habits of creatures.

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