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Oxymoronic Squidooing: John Fenzel, Lazarus Covenant & ‘Natural’ SEO

John Fenzel

John Fenzel

The fastest way to make teeth grind in the SquidU lounge is to minimize the importance of SEO, or to come in with the idea that SEO can be ‘natural’ and also be ‘successful.’

Point well taken.  Certainly every squidooer needs to have their own blog and/or website to maximize their creative talents and make the most of their expertise.   In fact, a creative-type will benefit MOST from having their own site and using Squidoo as a SUPPORT.   It frankly guarantees that talented people will always NEED SEO experts to assist them in the very best SEO practices and support available.

The world, however, benefits HUGELY from creative types, creative spirits and souls obsessed with expressing their particular talents, and, like the artist that is focused and fantastic, just isn’t able to make the leap into marketing their best work profitably or well.

The old cliche ‘starving artist’ isn’t just a fantasy!

Oxymoronic Squidooing is placing your content or artistry FIRST, and based upon the information you put in your Squidoo lens, blog, website, the appropriate and natural SEO terms and techniques will present themselves to you.

One of the most significant examples I can think of is John Fenzel.  An extraordinary writer, his Squidoo lenses SUPPORT his work, give him a viable audience, and the SEO for his pages, his website and other web presence is NATURAL TO HIS PROJECTS.

There was no google search term for ‘Lazarus Covenant‘ until John himself CREATED that term.   There were no SEO searches, keyword searches or branding until John himself created that for himself.

The passion John Fenzel shows for his topic, for his projects, is the primary impact made on anyone who visits his lenses.  His writing is hard hitting and genuinely riveting, and content-free SEO simply can never make the contribution that John makes with his Squidoo lenses.  There is a ‘natural’ correlation to John’s blog, website & lenses.

Creating your content FIRST can make a truly new contribution to what is on the internet, what people see at Squidoo, and enhances the quality of all of our web-surfing. Geniuses, inventors and artists contribute new and exciting things to the knowledge and experience of humanity all the time!

If you’re not an expert at SEO, there is no reason to avoid Squidoo!  Squidoo itself does its SEO on each page naturally, according to your idea of the tags that make the most sense.

The fact that you’re putting your BEST forward FIRST builds your audience, your fans, your internet outreach and generates an audience that admires your finest work.  Definitely hard to SEO all that FIRST.

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