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Internet Content & Mucky Muck- The ‘Can’t Write’ Crowd

Replicated Eiffel Tower

Replicated Eiffel Tower

Though I have studied communications in all forms from the earliest in human history through to the present, I have to admit that my education stopped JUST before blogs.  Therefore, blogs and web 2.0 writing is, in itself, an entirely new field of communication study, and basically a self-study course (if you want the full measure).

Usually, the communications platforms available throughout history were mainly populated with those who really could write.  In fact, those who couldn’t write just didn’t make it far at all, and were lost in the ash-heap of history.

This new web, however, is the first time ever that even ‘can’t write’ people have a massive platform and a global audience.

In a lot of ways, this is very much to the good.

Can’t write, but people enjoy how you talk?  You can vlog!

Can’t write or do public speaking, but express yourself best with photography?  There are LOADS of opportunites.

Can’t do those things but you can draw?  Ditto.  Music? Dancing? Hunting? Same, same, same.

All of those things make for a very enjoyable internet.

In fact, it looks as if the person who knows themselves and their best communication style, and works the internet according to that reality, can do very well.

Let’s talk the mucky muck, shall we?

There has been a recent surge in new levels of tips, tricks and techniques for plagiarism of written content.  Further, pointless and useless articles are written, re-written, and re-written again ad nauseum.  Great pieces are run through translators over and over until some semblance of ‘sense’ is made of an article and instantly re-published as ‘original content’ without concern.  Articles are totally keyword assembled.  Articles are run through thesaurus’ to replace main words until the copyscape checker comes back ‘clean’.

In short, human communications have increased their reach, yes, but in new ways these things have turned written content into a mucked up bog.

“Abusus non tollit usus” Marcus Aurelius told us, and it is true to this very day.  “The cure for abuse is proper use, NOT disuse.”

The use of an online thesaurus is a great help to the writer who notices too much repetition in their words.

A translator is enormously helpful in reaching foreign audiences, especially if the translator skills get some improvement.

Yet all these, and other, tricks and techniques won’t make a writer out of a non-writer, and cause two significant problems.  First, it abuses others who do write, and write well.  Secondly, they distract from the natural communication talents an internet person may actually have, and profit from exploring and developing.

If you are a ‘can’t write’ person, it isn’t necessary to get bogged down in destructive techniques that will do violence to your own self respect and delay the discovery of your own best style.  In fact, you could damage your future reputation on the internet, and reduce the trust people have for you, by practicing these thing.

It really doesn’t take much to turn this into something else that can be to your advantage and to your BEST advantage.

Begin by asking everyone who knows you, ‘what do you like about my communication style?  What are my strongest points?’  This isn’t asking for people to condemn you, but an opening into the truth about what everyone will enjoy the most.

Armed with the feedback from those who know and like you the most, take a little bit of time to consider- what is the best platform and the best outlet for me to use my particular communication talents?

That type of talent, of skill, of approach cannot be easily plagiarized no matter how many tricks of the trade there may be.  The authenticity of the personality that comes through such a program of content sharing disappears when plagiarized, and actually helps to safeguard what you are best at.

There is no shortage of ways and means for you to express those wonderful and interesting things about you and your true presentation to the world.  From blogs, to websites, to Squidoo pages, the platforms are ready for you to show your best to the everyone.  Isn’t that what the world, and the internet needs most?  Your best?

2 comments on “Internet Content & Mucky Muck- The ‘Can’t Write’ Crowd

  1. Mortira
    March 8, 2009

    Wonderful post! I consider myself a ‘can write’, but now I will promise to take it easier on ‘can’t writes’ who are using other abilities and doing it well.

  2. AJ
    July 11, 2011

    Very interesting! I’m glad to see someone talking about plagiarism from this angle. And glad to see someone pointing out that sometimes it’s a good thing for a “can’t write” to employ the internet to show of his or her “cans” — there’s a bit of snobbery on the internet these days…

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