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Squidoo Pages that Live and Breathe

One of the special things about certain Squidoo pages is that they, in effect, can be made to live and breathe. How so?  These are pages about active people, busy people, people who are out there working on the world, on campaigns, on issues and bring whatever they can to the party.

These types of pages are filled with the talents, activities and passions of the people that write them.

Usually you’ll find that quality in a lensography or a SquidWho page.

Recently I was honored to give a speech at the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Memorial.  This talk happened to be taped, shown on television repeatedly and broadcast on the radio over hundreds and hundreds of square miles.

I was able to blog it, putting the text online, and I was also able to add the video to my Eccentricity lensography.  This is a living, growing VITAE, a new type of resume, a new type of opportunity to keep family members, friends, supporters and even fans up on the latest activities you are busy with.

The possibilities are endless!  I hope you make at least ONE living and breathing Squidoo lens- you will most likely discover that people appreciate having that information all about you easily available.

4 comments on “Squidoo Pages that Live and Breathe

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  2. norbert sczepanski
    August 27, 2008

    hi margaret, i visited one of your lenses and it brought me to your blog here. on the lens i learnt a lot from you and hope, that i can learn here on the blog a lot, too. BUT i have to confess that i have some gr8 difficulties here on the blog, cause of the dark background and the small text. you see, i am 59 y and have to use glasses in order to read. perhaps you can choose another background and GREATER wordings in order to help oder people read your good ideas?
    greetings from
    norbert sczepanski – cologne – germany

  3. Tony
    December 4, 2008

    Hi again Margaret! I really want to make my Squidoo lens a breathing living organism! But I need to have in-depth explanation how. I still don’t have my own blog whatsoever and “wheresoever” and I have only one lens, as you can see. Hope I’m not making things difficult for you. I hope you can explain it more on your squidoo lens (first lens)..Thanks!

  4. aesta1
    June 9, 2010

    Thanks for all the tips. You are very encouraging.

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