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One of the most impressive creative writing exercises I’ve ever done is ‘collaging’.  Focusing on an interesting word, and then doing a ‘free association’ wordplay, I could make connections that I otherwise would never have thought of, and would be able to write a very satisfying, and very interesting piece.

I also used to do this with pictures- from magazines, newspapers, old collections I’d find at garage sales… the juxtaposition of unrelated photos seemed to jar my mind, help me to go places I’d never gone before.

So, when writing creative Squidoo lenses, these tools might seem a little bulky, a little non-techy, but here’s a fabulous one you can do right on your computer!

Called ‘Moodstream’ it is a series of photos, music and words that seems random enough, but in each person’s mind would create exceptional and interesting connections.

I’d love to see you try it, and I’d love to see the fruits of your ‘Creative Squidooing’ if you do!

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