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Harry Potter Fan Art: Supporting Small Business & a Loved One!

Our favorite headmaster boredofeducation has been a PREMIER support person for not only newbies, but for small business and the Room to Read organization.

He has a particular niche, Harry Potter, a subject that he has a passion for, and he keeps up with new developments incredibly well. There may be competitors, and those using the identical niche to drive their own traffic, but Damon has something that nobody else has: a sister who’s memory he keeps alive and beneficial to children!

The proceeds from his lenses all go to the organization in his sister’s memory, and there will be many a child that has this effort to thank for their reading skills.

But artists, too, that captured Damon’s attention, will benefit from his work on Squidoo. On his page Harry Potter Fan Art, Damon shows us the special artists that have captured his attention and may catch yours too!

From Anime to the Disneyesque, Damon has found some artists with fabulous expressive techniques- amazing what a difference those can make to how you see Harry Potter!

Damon also found some terrific artistic accessories: magic wands, matchstick marvels and even computer art.

All on one page Damon has provided support to multiple small business and artists. What a great favor for us, for Harry Potter fans, and for Room to Read!

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