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Ebb and Tide: Squidooing Strategy

Here it is, already June, and it is WAY PAST TIME to discuss…


Well, not really Christmas per se, but a very important strategy for building, expanding, relating and planning your Squidoo lenses to maximize your income.

There are mainly two approaches when considering seasons, holidays and events with your Squidoo pages.

One is to have a variety of topics that each have their own season.  I have done this and had excellent results.

The other is to maximize your niche and be sure you create a specific lens for each season.  I have done this with a few pages, and I recommend this approach highly.  It will be one that I pursue more fully during the rest of the year.

For example, you may have a lens related to chocolate.  Chocolate has potential in each season.  You can have a Valentine’s chocolate page.  A summer chocolates page.  A weddings chocolate page.  A Christmas chocolate page.

The year long focus helps you to capture audience, capture sales all year, and gives you an organized approach to maintaining the lenses that are most likely to benefit from the attention.

The new dashboard REALLY helps with this!  You can label your lenses, allowing you to sort them according to the season or event, topic or any other way.  We now have a ‘to do’ list that can help you keep track of which lenses to update when.

If you’ve made some Squidoo pages, you are in this for the long haul.  It is very smart to try to make each and every season, holiday and event work in your favor.

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