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Squidoo’s Extreme Commitment to Small Business Owners

I was referred to Squidoo by a person who worked for Google, just when it came out of Beta.  At the time what impressed me is how committed Squidoo is to small business, and headquarters has NEVER changed that commitment.  From cooks and chefs, to work at home moms, to authors and writers, and small business of every type, Squidoo has continued on a steady course to be all the support it can be.

Squidoo accomplishes SO MUCH for a small business owner, and all for free.  They even pay you money as things pan out, for the activity of your Squidoo pages.

So the latest, which you may have heard about already, is the challenge Squidoo offers to Ebay merchants-small business people who can really use the help Squidoo provides them.  One of our Giant Squids, Katiyana, is sponsoring this terrific challenge.

Katiyana has been one of those Squidooers that just blows your mind.  A huge asset to Squidoo, I like her explanation of intarsia (I decided I better leave a comment on that page so I just did!) she really has embraced the small business Squidoo concept and has been an enormous help to Squidooers ever since!

Small businesses can benefit the most from intelligent use of Squidoo.  Thanks, Katiyana and Squidoo headquarters, for continuing on this very important path.

One comment on “Squidoo’s Extreme Commitment to Small Business Owners

  1. chefkeem
    June 4, 2008

    Thanks for the tip, Margaret. I’ll participate in this challenge. Squidoo has taught me so much, in such a short time – about web 2.0, html code, web resources in terms of graphics and tools, the list goes on and on. I’m truly grateful for having discovered Squidoo.com

    I’ve basically started a new business (online) based on my existing small specialty food company, and I have the feeling that my online activities will soon become my main source of income. All that thanks to what I’ve learned through Squidoo, in only 4 short months.

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