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Disappointing Co-op Payout?

Like everyone else, I had expected a BETTER return on the co-op payouts because Glam Ads pay more than the Google ads of the same type.

No surprise then, that I was very disappointed when I saw that I had actually earned LESS this month than last month!

Megan to the rescue, however, who said in SquidU:

Glam ad revenue is not included in this payout, due to their reporting schedule. It will be in next month’s for sure.

Earnings are all over the place this month — some people up, some people down. All depends on your individual lenses!

I can say there’s some good news: traffic across the whole site has been up for the last 2 weeks, in part because search engine traffic is rising nicely.

We’ll post some fun charity stats soon.

Therefore, we can expect our Glam Ad revenues to be an additional month behind…  but at least they’ll be greater than the Google ad payouts!

It is one more thing to keep track of- perhaps a little tweaking on the dashboard to help us?

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