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Speaking of Spam: Lens Locked!

It can be very frustrating, if you work hard on a great lens, to suddenly (and repeatedly) have your lens locked as spam.

Squidoo was flooded with spam so badly that it actually caused a hideous Google slap, and everyone suffered greatly from it, both financially and morale-wise.  In order to properly deal with the spam, Google gave Squidoo a list from which they could filter known spam words in lenses, and this feature is automated.

There are a few things that can happen.  One is that some word, some keyword in your lens triggers the spam filter.  If this happens, your lens will lock automatically, and require a personal review to free it up.  A lensmaster can be banned from groups for spamming them, in which case that lensmaster will not be permitted to join ANY groups, not even their own!  A page can be flagged as spam by the function in the right sidebar of a page, and therefore locked.  Finally a lensmaster can be banned from leaving guestbook comments anywhere, if they have been flagged as spamming guestbooks.

Given that nearly all of my guestbooks are continuously spammed, I myself may actually begin banning these people too.  After all, to clear out that mess takes HOURS of my valuable time that I really need to spend elsewhere.

However, back to the issue of the spam filter.  The filter is triggered by titles and keywords that have words OR ROOTS OF WORDS that are automated into the spam filter.  Therefore, without a serious personal review of your page, without a ‘green light’ being given by headquarters, your page may be repeatedly blocked.

A recent example is the word Somalia.  Lenses about Somalia automatically trigger the spam filter, because the root word ‘soma’ is within the word Somalia.  Spam drug sales lenses often use the medical term soma, and such lenses have buried Google, Squidoo and sites all over the place.

Is your lens getting repeatedly locked?  Are you unable to get your work done?  Then email headquarters and ask for a personal review of your page.  It is easy to innocently be using a word that has nothing to do with spam, one that triggers the spam filter, one that locks your lens repeatedly.

Other than that, however, if you find yourself barred from joining groups or leaving guestbook comments, consider that you have over-extended your welcome by spamming groups and guestbooks, and your fellow squidooers are tired of being misused and abused by you.

For further information see First Lens about spamming, Locked? or SquidSpam to get official policy.

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