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Protecting Your Content: Copyright Resources for Lensmasters

On occasion, a content lensmaster is very upset because they have discovered that someone ‘scraped’ their content, has written another Squidoo lens, webpage or blog post with their material.  I don’t blame anyone for being upset by that, writing good content takes time, effort, talent and skill with editing.  To see someone just steal it, and even stealing traffic from your pages, is very maddening.

So I thought it would be useful to look up some copyrighting  resources to help you, to know what your rights are, what your recourses are, what you can do to find out if your content has been swiped.

Creative Commons has the best resources for writer’s copyright on the internet.  You are able to select from many forms of copyright and a widget is given to you to post on your site.  You can post it on the specific pages and also on your lensmaster bio.  This gives everyone fair warning that your content is original to you, and it also gives them a link to the requirements that YOU set out.

Google has a great page called ‘The Digital Millennium Copyright Act’.  Far and away, the most effective thing you can do is to report infringement to Google.  Since Google is the major search engine, and the one most interesting to those who are thieving or scraping material, take a good look at this page and be sure you understand Google’s requirements for reporting.

But, is there any easy way to search the web to see if your content has been stolen, aside from doing a text search?  The easiest way I know of is called Copyscape.  It has a free version, and two paid versions.  Whether it is worth it to you to have unlimited searches and automatic notification of duplication is up to you.  If you have only a couple pages that really concern you, the free version is probably good enough.

Copyright applies to all your original content, including photographs, video and text.  Every lensmaster who has original content is well advised to spend a little time looking through these resources, understanding exactly what is available to you, your rights and your recourse, and learning to use the tools.  The traffic you save may be your own!

One comment on “Protecting Your Content: Copyright Resources for Lensmasters

  1. Tony
    May 23, 2008

    Very useful article, thanks. I like the theme you used here too.

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