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The Benefits of Adding Ebay Modules

Especially now that we can see the royalties from Ebay purchases on our Squidoo lenses, the benefits of Ebay for us are coming much more clear.

You might have noticed on your Amazon sales records that not everyone who goes to Amazon from your lens and buys is getting what you offer. Very often, the get to Amazon from your lens and then shop, and buy, something else. No matter, you still get the commission!

Janet21 made a shocking discovery of the same thing happening on her birthday party lens. Someone went to Ebay from Janet’s module, and while at Ebay, bought a $22,000 tractor! The commission is only part of what the seller pays to Ebay for the listing, but still, in Janet’s case, she made $85 on that one sale!

You would need to sell extremely expensive (and likely affiliate) items to get the same commission off of one sale through your Squidoo page!

This is the beauty of a great lens, it puts people in a mood- a really good mood! (Or it should!) In a good mood, they may very well do some shopping, either of your lens items, or further shopping on the site they click through to. We can all use some wonderful surprises like that, and there may have been many that we didn’t know about, because the data wasn’t live on Ebay modules, but it is certainly worth having one for the opportunity to exist.

It has happened to me many times- people shop my lens, but then do further, or other, shopping and buy a bundle of stuff. Whether it was featured on my lens or not, I received a boost in my income.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have at least ONE sales module on your page- you could be throwing money away without knowing it!

Congratulations to you, Janet21!

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