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Spamming the Daylights Out of Me!

Day after day, it seems, I get visitors who insist on spamming every last guestbook I have on all of my vast number of lenses and groups.

Niche marketing. Well, well.

Don’t you know that you weren’t here FIRST with that?

There are certain ‘niches’ that seem very popular that have so many pages already that the system is getting heavily weighed down, both here at Squidoo and all over the internet.

The people who keep creating these pages just don’t get it- the FIRST ONES IN THAT NICHE have been here and GONE already. They’ve done everything you’re doing, done it all over the internet, have thousands upon thousands of backlinks, buried every 2.0 site in the universe with these niche pages, and IF there is any interest in those topics (which I doubt), that traffic has been taken by people ‘quicker on the uptake’ than you are.

I suggest a different approach from you-all.

Try falling in love with Squidoo, with the 2.0 sites, with the possibilities of the new web.

Maybe then, just maybe, you’ll find your TRUE niche. Maybe you’ll even make some money at it. Maybe you’ll discover your true interests and passions. Maybe then you’ll have something of your own to share. Maybe you’ll find all things just a little more satisfying.

Be remarkable. Its good advice.

One comment on “Spamming the Daylights Out of Me!

  1. chefkeem
    May 22, 2008

    Excellent blog post, interesting info! Visit my site: “How to be a Billionaire today without doing nothing!” 😉

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