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Big News Today! Ebay Royalty Stats are LIVE!

Sometimes Gil just drops wonderful things in our laps, and today was one of the big ones!

Whomever has Ebay modules on their Squidoo lenses has been wondering whether they’re actually seeing any sales from their pages and, if so, how much!

Then on occasion a big surprise shows up, a hefty chunk of change shows up in your payout and perhaps you aren’t sure why.  No way to tell until today.

Gil just announced this afternoon that finally the royalty payouts for Ebay are working, that the information will be factored into tomorrow’s lensrank, and that from now on we’ll actually know whether we have made sales through Ebay and how much!

One really great bonus in having Ebay modules on your Squidoo lenses is you can receive a finder’s fee if there are any brand new Ebay customers that sign up from your Squidoo lens.  This is shared with Squidoo, of course, but I recall that you earn much more by sharing with Squidoo than you would alone.

Thanks a bazillion samoleans, Gil!  We very much appreciate your work on this!

2 comments on “Big News Today! Ebay Royalty Stats are LIVE!

  1. Gil
    May 21, 2008

    You’re welcome! It’s so much cooler when you can see what people are buying.

  2. Kiwisoutback
    May 21, 2008

    Sounds great! I was always curious on how much the eBay module was contributing to payouts. I guess now we’ll know right away! This should help a lot of lensmasters monetize and tweak their lenses much more efficiently.

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