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Expect the Unexpected from Content Lenses!

Building top notch, informative and even authoritative Squidoo lenses brings along some wonderful surprises!  I was contacted by someone who found my page Ten Quick Steps to Destroy America to be interesting- this person is a radio personality and has asked to interview me about the topic!

One of the most important reasons to have at least one Masterpiece Movement lens is the authority and credibility it gives to you, and your work, whether your audience agrees with your information or not.

Things like this have happened before- the Chocolate: A Gourmet Guide brought press inquiries, other lensmasters have reported being interviewed by radio or for newspapers.

Each time it happens, it increases your value (career-wise), and it improves your standing as an expert, as a person with something important or interesting to say, and adds something pretty spectacular to your resume!  No question, it will certainly increase your visibility to the world, across the internet, and in communities with an interest in your topics.

One comment on “Expect the Unexpected from Content Lenses!

  1. Chef Keem
    May 18, 2008

    A lot of my content is about being a clown of sorts. So, here’s my comment on the power of authority:

    A few years ago, a newcomer in my AA group approached me after the meeting and began praising my wisdom. “Your sharing”, he began,
    “really opened my eyes to the value of coming to meetings and following the directions of folks like yourself with some solid sobriety under their belt!” He continued: “Your words touched my heart. It seems to me that God Himself has brought you into my life. You must be the wisest man I’ve ever heard speaking in my whole life!”

    While I adjusted mentally to my new (and well-deserved) guru status, he asked me if I could loan him ten dollars.

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