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Micro-Enterprise Development and Squidoo

The focus of the internet business development, and even SEO has been affiliate sales, mlm opportunities, and website promotion.

There is a side to this, and to Squidoo, that is far more important than is usually discussed, and that is small business, micro-enterprise, development of bricks and mortar, mom and pop hometown businesses.

Ting’s Thai Kitchen on Squidoo is one such small business.  I was honored to assist in the development of this page based on my “How to Make Your First or Second Squidoo Lens.”

A small and wonderful, but rural restaurant, owned by a local family, has undertaken a project to help the entire county they live in with free wi-fi internet access.  Now for most of us in urban areas, such a thing seems to be no big deal.  But rural areas are usually ALWAYS internet ‘challenged’ whether they want to be or not.

Therefore a Squidoo page helps them in many ways.  First, it provides an easy way for travelers to become aware of this wonderful restaurant, in the event they are passing through that way, or if they have business to do there.

Second, the page raises money to help pay for the wi-fi, based on Squidoo payouts and the sale of cookbooks.

Third, it promotes the ‘splash page’ that will be the primary revenue source for the wi-fi that will benefit thousands of families who otherwise cannot get on the internet.

Lensmaster Lemar Morgan has provided excellent and free help for this small business by writing and building this lens.  He is using the power of Squidoo to bring attention to Ting’s Thai Kitchen and other small businesses as a service to the community he loves.

It is an excellent example for others to follow, and an excellent small business support that every small business should consider, no matter how local or how small.

One comment on “Micro-Enterprise Development and Squidoo

  1. Lamar Morgan
    May 11, 2008


    Outstanding blog post. I am going to use the link to this blog post to demonstrate that people from around the world can truly help one another out. This is what wikinomics talks about – even though we are using a Squidoo lens rather than a wiki site. This process begins with people CARING…and goes forward from there.

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