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Organic or Strategic?

So much discouraging news in the SquidU lounge! Some of our favorite sites, stumbleupon, wikipedia, propeller, hubpages is restrictive, blogging platforms like wordpress, blogger, blogdirectories are all increasingly automatically killing Squidoo submissions of any sort.

There are TWO camps in Squidoo, and evidently no matter what happens, never the twain shall meet.

The first camp we can call ‘organic’ which has as its primary light the concept of ‘permission’ marketing. We make a page the best we can, and we invite. NOBODY has that page shoved in their face whether they want it or not- people have been invited, people can look, people who visit are not manipulated or have their time wasted, they get value and information from the visit. If they feel cared about and like the page, they bookmark it, send it to others, submit it to the various 2.0 sites, and it grows all on its own based on value.

The second camp we can call ‘strategic,’ which is to apply the ‘best’ and most ‘workable’ of SEO to each and every topic, to get the word out there, to gain traffic, clicks, email lists, and so on. There is no permission in that, although the reasoning is ‘people can choose to click away,’ and ‘this is capitalism and competition, isn’t it?’ At its core, it is manipulative, opportunistic, and carried a little too far, abusive.

We could leave it at that- one side ignore the other and keep our hands off the debate. This has been the approach- not to police too heavily the content of the pages because, as Gil said, Squidoo isn’t a ‘walled garden.’

Except for one thing: the strategic side, abusing the web 2.0 neighborhood, means that the organic, permission oriented lensmasters are ALSO barred from useful and important developments.

This is INCREDIBLY short-sighted! Web 2.0 has BARELY begun its reach, and Squidoo is being killed off before its true market even begins to be opened! The MAGNITUDE of where web 2.0 is so vast, that actually being careful and considerate NOW means that very likely Squidoo, and its lensmasters, could have an increasing number of visitors and sales that is almost beyond our imagination, and for the rest of our lives.

Using ‘strategies’ that kill off our welcome on the internet is the same as being the methlab in a good family neighborhood. The neighbors will DO ANYTHING to get those bad neighbors OUT, and if this doesn’t change, we’ll find our web 2.0 neighbors doing the same to us.

Those won’t be the ones reading MY post. However, I want everyone to take a look at the size of the market that this will ACTUALLY cost us, and every single lensmaster needs to make a decision if Squidoo should be going there, or if we can afford to lose that and just move on to the next thing once Squidoo is gone.

Take a LOOK. Remember: “Media that is targeted AT you, but does not INCLUDE YOU, may not be worth sitting still for.”

4 comments on “Organic or Strategic?

  1. Gil
    May 9, 2008

    If you’re going to write a post like this, it would be helpful if you at least offered a detailed solution.

    I assume that solution is “kill all the spammers”, but how does that work?

  2. This is one of the reasons HubPages takes such a strong stance on moderation. The better quality and less spammy the average content on your site is, the higher authority it has, both in the SEO sense, and in the minds of competitors and users alike.

  3. Chef Keem
    May 9, 2008

    In terms of possible solutions, I don’t understand enough about the technical side of this issue. It seems to me, though, that in the end these problems might work themselves out, organically.

    It’s understandable that many of us fear for their trusted income, or the expected recognition for their hard work. However – quality work, passionate self-expression, the spirit of sharing and helping your fellow squidling, in short: the “good” will prevail, while fads fade, and crap craps out.

    Has there ever been an enduring get-rich scheme? No. (We would ALL be rich by today!)

    Annoying telemarketers encounter the “Do-Not-Call” list.

    Door-to-door solicitors have all but vanished

    Communism collapsed, and the greediest forms of capitalism today will follow. Soon.

    What I’m suggesting is: maybe we shouldn’t give-in to our fears, but focus on our strengths. That’s all we can possibly control – our commitment to excellence. (excel-lens?) 🙂

    If we keep doing what we’re good at, and “they” keep doing crappy things – we will survive, and “they” will die. It’s a natural selection process.

    Our success lies in our collective example. The 100th Monkeybrain Syndrom, so to squid. Let’s use the tools we have by deleting, banning, exposing the culprits. And then let’s push forward with our masterful lenscrafting spirits, knowing that great rewards are awaiting us. We contribute – “they” take away. Who must win?

  4. cinetech
    May 10, 2008

    Perhaps do part of what Hubpages is doing. For instance, start removing spammy subjects such as SEO, mlm, get rich, etc. I don’t mind the sex Squidoo pages at all but if this is an issue with Goggle, they must go. I understand moderation is expensive, but we, who care about Squidoo can help. I really want to have a similar traffic with Google, that I once had. I want Wikipedia to reference Squidoo pages. Cm’on Gil, Squidoo needs to pick a side. I like to see that posted in the SquidU forum, instead of silence. If you are strong about not doing anything, then I want to see the strong arguments for that. A detailed solution can only be offered by someone from inside Squidoo. I think overall what the community wants to see is Squidoo taking a position on spam, and what are you doing or not. But saying the WHY is the key.

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