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A Masterpiece of Generosity: Janusz & All4Care

All4CareAwardWhen I say that Squidoo has attracted some extraordinary people, Janusz is one of the first people I have in mind. Aside from being our resident soccer star, he’s also been an incredibly giving and supportive member of the community.

Janusz’ squidoo pages are companions to his fabulous website Janusz Biela. If you like sports, its a beautiful official site to visit.

He has made some fabulous art for many groups, including many of mine. His artwork is so wonderful that it is almost Squidoo’s trademark- if you see something really outstanding at Squidoo, it is likely that Janusz made the piece FOR FREE. Very generous, especially for us less-than-artistic types!

The most outstanding, masterful generosity of this fine young man is his charitable activities and the support he gives to them. His group, All4Care, highlights and promotes charity and Squidoo pages that are made for charities. However, the big news, the BIG secret, is that he is giving $20 each and every month to one of the lensmasters that make a page for charity.

I hope this encourages you to make some Squidoo pages that benefit the charity most important to you!

Masterful generosity is very hard to find, but Janusz makes a team effort of it! Thank you, Janusz!

One comment on “A Masterpiece of Generosity: Janusz & All4Care

  1. Janusz
    May 9, 2008

    Thanks Margaret,

    I really enjoy making Logos & as for All4Care, it´s just a very
    small thank you to Webmasters such as yourself for dedicating so
    much time to Charity.

    Helping people is what Squidoo is all about. Im amazed at the
    time and effort you guys put into helping and supporting the
    needy.. it puts my efforts in the shade.

    Janusz 🙂

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