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Redundancy, Noise, Web & Value

I ran across a very interesting blog post today about redundancy and devaluing news on the internet.  It occurs to me that redundancy on Squidoo poses a very similar problem: too much useless content and a devaluation of the pages that do exist!

When pages and topics are redundant, they aren’t adding value- not to the internet, not to Squidoo, not to Mahalo, not to Hubpages.  What they are adding is noise.

Why aren’t they adding value?  Why aren’t they at least maintaining a certain value?  For the reason that it dilutes the pie far too much, and the efforts that went into researching and covering the topic are wasted, just as each news event, covered by 500 television stations and news outlets, each putting the same story on the web, dilutes the page views and dilutes the impact that investment made.

One strategy used by Squidoo to get past low-value pages was co-branding.  This made an entire new set of Squidoo urls available for people to pick up and create more valuable content on those topics.  In some respects, that worked, but in others, the same people picked up the new urls, in order NOT to lose their page views, and therefore, new value wasn’t created in the degree that headquarters had hoped.

Hub pages makes the exact title the url at their site, as wordpress does on the blogs.

However, it is the search terms for the topics that determine whether a page is found or not; and in the case of many pages- no matter where they are from- all using the same search terms, the flood of content can be overwhelming.  This is what the news blog post shows- and so the value of each news article is decreased in proportion to the number of other pages on that topic.

The writer’s advice to the news teams is: be original.  Don’t go where the herd goes, find a story elsewhere. Be original.  Bring the most you can to that story.  It may not be the latest and hottest search term, but you’re much more likely to get MOST of the traffic on that original story.

That’s when the investment will be WORTH it.

One comment on “Redundancy, Noise, Web & Value

  1. SusanVillasLewis
    May 9, 2008

    You mean making the 521st lens on the Wealthy Affiliate program is not a good thing? 🙂 In looking at what’s newly published, I’m constantly bemused with people who come in with yet another lens on a topic that’s been beaten to death (not only on Squidoo but the entire web) and expect to make millions with it. Maybe I should move on to a stronger emotion as they’re hurting the community, not just wasting their time.

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