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Masterpiece of Usefulness: How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip

Masterpieces don’t always mean BEAUTY in the aesthetic sense of the word.

There is a real beauty to utility, too, to a page that really serves its stated purpose.

Lensmaster kiwisoutback has made such a page, a wonderful and useful page full of great content.

It is called ‘How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip‘ and, with this economy, there are many, many families that are doing just that, instead of paying for, and going through the security hassle, of flying.

This one is a real ‘bookmark’ page, keep it for reference!  It seems to me that kiwi has done some car travel, because the page is filled with thoughtful considerations and is almost a check list for you and your family to have a great trip.

Welcome to the Masterpiece Movement on Squidoo group!

2 comments on “Masterpiece of Usefulness: How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip

  1. Kimberly at Squidoo
    May 7, 2008

    Great job using your blog to promote your lenses! You might even consider creating new lenses to focus in on specific parts of planning a trip. The more great lenses, the more ways to be found. Awesome job!
    Squidoo’s Community Organizer

  2. Kiwisoutback
    May 7, 2008

    Thanks so much for featuring this lens! We have indeed traveled across the country several times via car, starting from Boston and ending up on the west coast, so we’re fairly schooled in roadtrip knowledge.

    With some careful planning, you can still plan a road trip and stay on a budget that won’t run down the retirement funds. The key is to plan way ahead!

    Thank you again, and we’re honored to be part of the “Masterpiece” lens group on Squidoo!

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