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Calicoskies & Heroic Animals!

One of the newest lensmasters to join the Masterpiece Movement on Squidoo is calicoskies, who has shared the wonderful page Heroic Animals.

I’ve always had a weakness for heroes, and heroic animals.  Courage, compassion and a willingness to act is a nobility of spirit, and anyone that has known a hero understands how rare, and wonderful that is!

I’ve wept reading stories of war dogs, who were helping their owners in dangerous places, who got shot and crawled over to their master, also under fire, in order to die together in the service of the country.

I’ve been amazed at stories of dogs, cats, and even birds who were able to warn an entire family of a fire and thereby save them all.

On my own page, Andrew Vachss, I point out how this incredible man uses rescue dogs to comfort and strengthen molested, abused and battered children when they must testify in court, face to face with the perpetrator- a daunting challenge even for an adult.

Could Squidoo POSSIBLY be World Class without stories such as these?  Pages that bring to our hearts and souls love, courage and compassion?

I don’t think so, and so I want to welcome, and THANK, calicoskies for this wonderful page!

One comment on “Calicoskies & Heroic Animals!

  1. loubank
    December 13, 2008

    Thanks for the Squidoo on Andrew Vachss! His eighteenth and final Burke novel is coming out December 30, and to support it, he’s doing a three-hour (!!) webcast, where he’ll answer as many questions as he can live on camera. More info at vachss dot com. Thanks!

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