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Authoring or Automating: That is the Question

Seth Godin is renowned for making a very unusual statement, if you think about it. “Everyone is an Expert on Something” which- well- who had thought of it that way?

Our society has evolved into a dizzying array of specializations and even where our health is concerned, we can’t just ‘go to the doctor’ anymore; we have to go to some specialist somewhere, through the portal of our family doctor.

Being an expert in something is also a specialization, and we have all discovered our secret passions, whether they are related to work or family, or not. In each of those passions, we put our heart, our mind and our soul.

THOSE are potentially ‘Masterpiece Lenses,’ authored by someone who has a real grasp, a real love for, a real involvement in, their topic.

Automation of Squidoo pages seems to be an overwhelming temptation to those with coding program building skills; a temptation for those who want to make the quick buck with ‘ready made’ articles as content, as a chance to try out tricky keyword stuffing skills, or as pre-made lenses that are built by someone as a purely rote, very boring exercise in earning extra money.

Nothing about those processes is AUTHORING, and nothing about those processes make someone an ‘expert’ in anything.

The pages show it.  They MIGHT make some money, they might get traffic because of keyword skills, they won’t get a returning audience.

There was a day when we believed that Squidoo would be like wikipedia, but BETTER. Better because, well, mass edited pages based merely on facts and dates is almost eye-glazingly boring; better because rather than doing such boring work for nothing, an author could actually enjoy themselves,  earn residuals and offer additional information on a Squidoo page that wikipedia never will, like youtube, flickr and other links that AREN’T boring. Allow an author to make an unusual, controversial, or striking point- certainly NOT permitted on wikipedia.

In every conceivable way, Squidoo has the platform that can make that possible, and there are so many of us that want it to be so.

When, finally, the AUTHORED lenses on Squidoo exceed the number of non-authored, boring topic, nameless and faceless seo tactic pages, Squidoo will be well on its way to fulfilling its real potential. Those pages are so easily outdone, so easily out-maneuvered, so easily re-done for content purposes that soon those lensmasters will have only dead pages. What we’ve seen here is that if one guy can do a page like that, so can anybody else; and we’ve also seen that they WILL do that and try to swipe that traffic and those sales.

There are some who are making it their business to seek out those pages and ‘out-do’ them.

Use your best SEO, yes, and seek the advice of those who know what they are doing! Do it for the pages you are passionate about, have something to say about, can bring your heart and soul to, for the kind of content that can compete with wikipedia for sheer personality.  The kind of wonderful stuff that has visitors coming back again and again AND sending their friends.

Seth has found it necessary to re-state his commitment to original, passionate content at Squidoo. Automation is a violation of TOS at Squidoo- accounts are at risk of being deleted.  Its a shame that it was necessary to remind everyone, but I’m very glad he did.

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