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Upping the Ante: Squidoo Masterpieces and Tribes

We knew it when we first began, that Squidoo could and would attract some FABULOUS lensmasters, incredible expertise, and create amazing groups of like-minded, high quality, tasteful people.

Believe it or not, even the ‘experts’ with their ‘big names’ like Rolling Stone magazine, Martha Stewart, and others, didn’t ‘get it’. They did some pages, did their bit, and then dumped the community like last month’s junk mail.

That’s not how Squidoo works, at its best, and experts without HUGE names have been making some serious inroads ever since.

It really is hard to develop loyalty to a brand, an expert, a movement that is unwilling to be with you, even in the most unobtrusive of fashion!

Given the Squidblog today, I am encouraged that our groups- tribes- are getting some real attention! That the attraction of our best pages, the ones that bring new people to explore Squidoo by the millions, will exceed the draw of almost any other ‘similar’ sites. That a movement to HIGH QUALITY will transform the undeserved scorn of those ‘in the know’ and make Squidoo the most interesting, valuable, referential and educational place on the internet.

The trajectory is explosive- a super-nova just waiting to happen! We’re so glad you’re with us!

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