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The Masterpiece Movement on Squidoo: N376

world classAccording to my best recollection, N376 was the FIRST lensmaster to upset mynameiskate for #1 spot on Lensrank, (although there were others, like Relache, that achieved #1) with his awesome Basic HTML for Squidoo.

Is this a masterpiece lens? YOU BET IT IS! There is probably NO OTHER PAGE on Squidoo that has helped so many lensmasters, has done so much to improve the overall quality of lenses, as this page has done.

If a lensMASTER can be a masterpiece, it is Glen. To find anyone that’s made a greater overall and very selfless contribution to Squidoo, you’d have to go to Giltotherescue, and he gets paid for the awesome magic he works.

We’re proud to have you with us at Squidoo, Glen, and we’re even more proud to have you in the Masterpiece Movement at Squidoo group.

You are truly World Class Stuff!

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