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Lensrank Changing: Tweaking the Algos?

I first noticed a real change around the beginning of the year, when my lower ranked pages began ‘churning’. Prior to that, they lined up fairly regularly and I could pretty well predict, as I worked on pages or promoted them, which ones would be higher or lower in the lower tier of rankings. They weren’t all what I would expect but for in the main they were.

For the most part, up until then, the only BIG changes in the top 100 list were when some people got the big idea to game the top 100 and did so. Gil took action, and that stopped.

Then this ‘churning’ like a washing machine, all but my wip lenses were rising and falling, seemingly regardless of traffic, sales, content…

Then the BIG change occurred, which was Mynameiskate broke her dominance of the top spot and, starting with Basic HTML for Squidoo, by N376, and the How to Make YouTube videos Look Great by Cinetech, there began to appear other pages that were making it to #1.

The top 100 had the major lensmasters wondering: is it better to have just one or two lenses and really do some serious, high quality promotion of those pages, like Kate? Is it better to have LOTS of pages like Glen and me? It was hard to say for sure, but there was no arguing with Kate’s success, and some of us wondered if perhaps making lots of lenses somehow ‘diluted’ the power of our best ones.

In the lounge, Gil recently mentioned a bit of tweaking of the algos and while I don’t recall everything he said (he never says much- like Seth, a man of few words), I do remember him mentioning that the squidangel blessings would be cycling sooner.

That, along with other tweaking he’s been doing, has opened up the top spot on the top 100 list in a great new way, and the opportunity exists for many more people to take that ‘award.’

We have yet to see how this new algo ‘churning’ will affect our coop payouts, but certainly for the purposes of rewarding great lenses and increasing visibility of important and even controversial ones, this seems to be a terrific development.

For more information about the lensranking secrets of Squidoo, look at ‘Lensrank Exposed!’ You’ll be surprised how multi-talented our Squidoo-Keeper Giltotherescue really is, and what he’s got hidden in his closets!

Squidoo is REALLY where the action is! Aren’t you glad you found us?

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