Squidoo Web Companions

Websites and Blogs with Companion Squidoo Lenses

#1 Squidoo Lensrank: The Non-Electric Life

It is so nice to see some real quality and relevant lenses at the top of the heap of Squidoo lensrank! Today at the top spot is The Non-Electric Life by Hot Button Press.

With the hideous inflationary increases in utility and gas costs, interest in such pages is rising FAST. Even if you aren’t an environmentalist, you are smart enough to want to do everything possible to reduce your rising bills!

I like this page because not only does it address a relevant topic, it does so in a very friendly manner, guiding us through embedded sales information about useful products that will help cut our energy use and how to use those things well. We are referred to hobbies, information, books and blogs that will give us tips, techniques and information that will help us live better on less consumption.

Congratulations on a wonderful page that really deserves to attain to the top of the lensrank at Squidoo!

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