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Low Lensrank? Try Community!

As some lensmasters are surprised to discover, your page may have oodles of traffic, but still suffer from low lensrank.

Traffic is only one measure of lens performance, and, while traffic helps support lensranking, it is far and away not the only one.

You may also be making good sales on your page, through your affiliate links.  While this is excellent performance for you, and by extension Squidoo, the community does NOT benefit directly from your sales.  Lensrank is boosted by sales that share a piece of the commission with Squidoo.  Those commissions keep Squidoo vibrant, active and responsive to the needs of the lensmasters, and therefore sales that benefit the Squidoo community do give you a boost in lensrank.  Otherwise, the sale counts only as a ‘clickout’.

There are other ways to raise your lensrank even if you only offer affiliate link sales on your pages.

Leave comments on other pages.  This means you must be interested in pages, in other lensmasters, in the growth and content offerings at Squidoo.  Of course, not every lensmaster is, which is why there are some who shine as outstanding squidizens and so very many others don’t.

Leaving comments puts LOADS of links for your lensmaster page.  The higher your lensmaster page ranks, the higher the rest of your pages will rank.  It is unavoidable.

Join groups.  All the highest ranking lensmasters have groups.  By adding your pages to their groups your pages get a boost.

Squidoo, just like other social sites, is all about RELATIONSHIPS.  It is SOCIAL.  Social activity among the community is rewarded and it should be.

So, if you are suffering from low lensrank, don’t get discouraged, SOCIALIZE.

2 comments on “Low Lensrank? Try Community!

  1. SusanVillasLewis
    April 30, 2008

    I’d agree. You can probably do the traffic generation thing without your fellow lensmasters, but it’s impossible to get lensrank without them. I’m working on this part as I tend to get so wrapped up in my own lenses that I forget to go check out what other people are doing. Particularly ones who take the time to comment on my lenses. Bad Susan!

  2. legbamel
    May 1, 2008

    That’s an important point, and one I’d not considered. I didn’t know that my lensmaster page had a rank! I’ve been more active about visiting and joining group and my lensranks certainly reflect it. I thought it was just the result of the algorithm tweaking and Squidoo finally recognizing my genius. 😀

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