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Twerpscan: Another Stupid Idea

In the world of fighting spam, there are LOADS of non-solutions.

Here is a particularly interesting one. It is called ‘Twerpscan‘ and it proclaims itself the spam control over marketing people for Twitter.

According to this person, one need only be able to figure out the ratio of following to followers to decipher whether someone is a marketing spammer, and he has decided the cut-off point for following is 1,000.

Notice, however, that he asks people to ‘follow’ him- if this takes off, he hopes to end up with more followers than those he’s following in order to get loads of links for his other enterprises, whatever they are.

This is just as much a manipulation of twitter as any other.

There are thousands of ways to use twitter that may get your follow to followers ratio way out of balance.

In my case I follow close to 4500 people. I never expected all of those people to follow me.

Given what I’m doing on the internet, there are certain individuals who’s work and activities interest me. I follow them and do not expect them to follow me unless they want to.

I follow ALL the news services. Why would any news services follow me?

I follow ALL the politicians and campaign offices. They’re not going to follow me either. In fact, the only one who has done so is Barak Obama’s but I’m SURE he never reads his twitter follows- he’s much too busy on the campaign trail.

There are lots of travel people that I follow. They’re much too busy travelling to follow me, who hasn’t (and won’t be) on a trip for some time.

I get all the feeds from every government office that has one that interests me.

I follow all the Squidooers I can find.

I follow all the internet gurus, including marketing ones, whether I like them or not.

I follow others like Uncle Fester, Darth Vader, Will Wheaton and so on. Why would they follow me?

Dealing with spam is best done as a community effort. Arbitrary ‘standards’ have nothing to do with reality.

Good luck self-appointed ‘twerpscam police’. I hope you get lots of followers so that your ratio is more to your liking!

5 comments on “Twerpscan: Another Stupid Idea

  1. Carlo Zottmann
    April 28, 2008

    Being “this person”, I can only tell you that your assessment about my “enterprises” is way off, but somehow I don’t think you will believe me.

    Also, this is a tool that works for me, first and foremost. I am glad to see others seem to like it as well, but really, it was a proof of concept slash experiment, and somehow it seems to have some merit for other Twitter users. I do not claim that this is the ultimate way to deal with spammers or your followers, but it works for me and several others, so why would I object?

    Still, I am not trying to “police” Twitter. Following, unfollowing, blocking or not blocking others is a conscious decision everyone has to make for herself or himself. There is no automatism.

    Good day.

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  4. SusanVillasLewis
    April 29, 2008

    I just signed up for Twitter myself, but have yet to try it out. I’m already tired thinking about you following 4,500 people! That just really seems like sensory overload to me. Do you really find all that manageable?

    I think your argument is spot on though. Not everyone is special enough to have lots of people following them. It stands to reason that there will be more on the extreme end of imbalance that follow more than they are followed. No one’s picking up People to read about me, but they will to read about … umm. I don’t know. I don’t pick up People! 🙂

  5. Margaret
    April 29, 2008

    I find it more manageable than I thought I would. Most people don’t post many times every day. Many don’t even post once per day. I am culling as I go through, though. People who use twitter to chatter with family or friends are not the type of accounts I want to follow, and therefore I can just ‘unfollow’ and no harm done. As I cull the accounts, twitter will become more and more useful to me I’m sure. But your point is well taken. All of these sites, pages, websites, accounts, blogs and social web things are really getting exhausting. This year is the one where, since my experiments are finished, I know much better what I’m doing and the ins and outs of things- I’ll be consolidating and focusing much, much more this year.

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