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Our Own Celebrity Chef: Chef Keem!

Being a celebrity chef doesn’t mean you have to usurp Rachel Ray’s place on the Food Network! The best chefs in the business have a very tight following within a community, and they become beloved, admired, and much sought after in that community. It usually always expands from there when the viral word of mouth REALLY takes off.

THIS is the celebrity chef I’m talking about, Chef Keem, who has adopted us (to our great pleasure), managed to endear himself right into the very heart of Squidoo with his wit, his passion, his very broad interests and love of Squidooing! Wow, can he COOK! Wow, is he interesting! Wow, is he funny, funny funny!

He’s a helpful and successful specialty small business person, a CHOCOLATIER for the Lady Bird Johnson Center which already makes him a star; and a culinary artiste that needs to come and feed me!

I can’t wait to see what else Chef Keem has cooking…

4 comments on “Our Own Celebrity Chef: Chef Keem!

  1. Chef Keem
    April 23, 2008

    Margaret – Thank you from the bottom of my candy thermometer for your kind endorsement.

    I feel truly honored, as I have come to adore you as a supremely knowledgeable lens master, a model Squidoo and Internet Citizen, and a beautiful person with a very generous heart.

    When I first started out making Squidoo lenses – on January 29, 2008, I had the immediate feeling of having found a perfect match for me. The ease of the design enabled me, a rather non-technical person, to express myself creatively from the first moment on. I could focus on sharing my experiences in food and cooking without having to acquire a degree in computer science first.

    Within days I realized another even more important aspect of Squidoo.com: the incredibly kind and helpful community of lens masters. Through the forum and the guest book features one can meet highly intelligent people who seek to engage in meaningful exchanges for the benefit of everyone involved. The concept of giving AND receiving is represented on Squidoo.com in a very powerful way. I haven’t seen this type of sophisticated and generous communication anywhere else on the web.

    My primary purpose for making Squidoo lenses is to introduce my visitors to outstanding new specialty food products, such as my own Agasweet flavored agave nectar, and my custom-sleeved dark chocolate bars in 8 very unique flavors. Additionally, I will share my personal experience with healthful recipe preparations and superior food items from other local artisan vendors.

    My secondary purpose is to share a few episodes from my colorful and blessed life – from my dream job as a lodge chef in Alaska to my daily adventures as a small business owner and my past experiences as a songwriter and record producer for major label companies.

    I hope you have fun browsing my lenses and you’ll find a thing or two you can use in your lives.

    Thank you for your kindness. – Your Chef Keem.

  2. Jana
    April 25, 2008

    Chef Keem is an amazingly creative person, like you Margaret! I will visit his lens often to help keep my family’s health in check. Thanks…

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