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Experts & Squidoo: Jim Burnett & Feeding the Skunks

In the spring my thoughts always turn to the outdoors and what can be done in the wilderness. You can probably trace that back to the Yooper in me, and from my blood which has about a hundred years of lumberjack traced in it!

Jim Burnett is one of the finest and most interesting of the experts at Squidoo. He’s a retired ranger in the National Park Service and knows more about them than any human being I’ve ever heard of!

Jim is a long time member of the Squidoo Web Companions Group, and is a terrific example of using Squidoo to promote and support other offsite activities.

He has written two books, the first is Hey Ranger! True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America’s National Parks. For this wonderful book, he has made a supporting Squidoo page.

Did you know that in some parks, it is necessary to put out a sign “Do NOT Feed the Skunks”?

I can only imagine what was happening that THAT sign was necessary…….

Jim’s books are an excellent ‘family travel’ set, fun vacation planning books, fun time with your children on the road, camping or just as interesting and funny stories to read with and to your kids.

His pages give you a free and interesting way to get to know him, get free and useful information about the park system, give you a new look at how they work and operate from a completely different perspective!

I love the idea that Jim chose Squidoo as the platform that would support his work on the internet and make him easy to get to know.

I hope you’ll visit Jim and his pages and take a look at his wonderful books!

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