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Round Table 2008, John Andrews & Matt Cutts

A friend, John Andrews, is sending back live blogging from Domain Round Table 2008 and discussions with Matt Cutts about a number of issues.

I’m no genuine SEO expert and never will be, and therefore I was surprised when a few of the issues were actually ones that mean something to ME, to my Squidooing and to my blogging.

For example, haven’t you seen mentioned at SquidU there is someone who is very upset because their content has been duplicated or stolen? The answer he gives is that while other search engines can’t necessarily do it, Google can handle such a problem and filter websites according to the ‘debut’ of the content. Shuffling duplicated content, and (I think) word substitution using dictionaries, as well as evading content are all things that Google can detect and handle. He also suggested that you try to find some ways to embed your link within your content so that when (if) you get scraped, you see some benefit to it yourself.

Something else that I think is relevant to Squidoo’rs as well as other webmasters: pages are being given a longer ‘gestation’ period by Google. It is simply taking longer for them to be of proven value. I have no clue the length of time this gestation occurs, but clearly the days of ‘google juice’ moving people to a high Google ranking quickly are coming to an end.

What if a site changes hands? Google resets all those links to a zero or near-zero value!

Matt is on the web spam team, and made a statement that generated some controversy- spam being sites that rank higher than they deserve. He clarified in the comments “Jeremy, typically the way that I’d say it to a general audience is that webspam is cheating or taking shortcuts to make a website show up higher than it should or than it deserves to be.

This leads me to think that Google isn’t so interested in eliminating spam- not deleting it, but through algorithms penalizing spam pages and just sinking them into never never land. I suspect that social sites are expected to do the same- just sink the spam and forget about trying to eliminate it.

There are reminders that keywords in an url are helpful but not needed for a page to rank, and mention that links get ‘stale.’

And oodles of content that make visitors happy is mentioned- seemingly everywhere else too, again.

Of course, John will keep all the best information for himself, and I have no doubt he gives every bit as good as he gets. But if you might get something more out of what a TRUE expert has to say, take a look here– there’s plenty more left, and who knows what else is coming? Thanks John, for being so interesting that even small potatoes like me can find something useful on your blog!

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