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Earning Money with Squidoo: Embed

With the new semantic web well on its way, integrating 2.0 sites like Squidoo will change what is important to Google and search engines everywhere.

Content will GENUINELY be the king and your commerce pages will suffer without it!

This means your Squidoo page or any other web page will have additional layers of filtering over and above what it has now.

Semantics has to do with language, writing, communicating. I believe that this is to reduce Google’s reliance on back-links as a measure of the value of a page. If the artificial intelligence used to screen pages is able to include and adapt to the ‘language of content’ then the entire method for ‘page ranking’ will change.

The first extra layer your page must go through will be the ‘unifying logic’ layer.

The second extra layer is called ‘proof.’

The third extra layer is called ‘trust.’

Squidoo is well-positioned to make this transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and the layer cake, provided that most of the pages in the site are providing content.

A Squidoo content lens is able to create a relationship with visitors, a personal experience and in a manner of speaking, a friendship. It is able to create an interesting ‘resting place’ for a visitor’s attention and if well done, something your audience will want to come back to, and will share with others.

Embedding the Amazon Spotlight module in your original content, and adding your own unique descriptions and content to that module, provides a fabulous way of carrying out the ‘unifying logic’ of your content.

It provides ‘proof’ and support for your content.

It also adds a measure of ‘trust’ in your content, as your description is backed up by offering an extremely relevant product that is well known by the search engines.

You can use quite a lot of them and still provide both a shopping experience and a relationship experience, as I did on this Amish Quilt Racks page, a very satisfactory performer for me.

In my Lovely, Lonely Lighthouses page, I framed a story of a haunted lighthouse with Amazon Spotlight modules, which accented and enhanced the story itself, and the story piques the interest of the reader in the products.

I used them to support my humor in the Secret Frankenstein Testing & Experiment Center lens, so that the merchandising didn’t overwhelm the page, but actually became a funny and good part of it.

The semantic web will solve all kinds of search problems for Google, Yahoo and seekers of all types. It will seriously impact ‘dead pages’ and spam, and make your content-rich pages much more valuable and find-able.

This will be true of websites, blogs and all kinds of information on the web. Do your best learning about writing and managing content on your Squidoo pages, and you’ll be very well prepared as the semantic web comes into its own!

layer cake

One comment on “Earning Money with Squidoo: Embed

  1. John Fenzel
    April 19, 2008

    Excellent post, Margaret–your insight on this subject is invaluable!

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