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Twitter for Squidooers

Want to market your Squidoo lenses?  Don’t use Twitter.

The very FIRST lesson in marketing of ANY TYPE, whether it is newspaper ads, television ads, flyers, articles or ANYTHING is to KNOW YOUR MARKET.

IMHO social ‘marketing’ is a misnomer.  It hijacks the term that every business has issues with, ‘marketing’, and makes it sound as if all you need to do is plaster your stuff all over every web 2.0 site and you’ll make money.


If you want to actually make money, you are going to have to get the distinction CLEAR.

Marketing is hard work developing your product, your approach, your content AND MEETING BUYERS where they are AT.

Twitter is populated with professionals and workers, experts in their fields.  They are NOT interested in shopping your lenses.

They are EXPERTS at the internet and can smell spam a mile away.  They are ruthless with it.

You CAN carefully add your squidoo pages, but you must understand that you are MARKETING TO NON-BUYERS.  Just as Squidooers visit lots of Squidoo pages and don’t buy a thing from them.

Twitter is an awesome tool- it took me some time to figure it out.  The FIRST word that needs to be on your mind when using Twitter is RESPECT.  Respect these people.  They expect it and they return it.

Just as people can follow you, they can drop you.  I’ve discovered myself watching the twitter feed and dropping individuals as I go along.  People can even be blocked.

Therefore, when you are using Twitter, share something of YOURSELF.  Share some fabulous links you’ve found.  Even share a page when you are SURE it won’t cause followers to drop YOU.

Using a tool for the purpose it is intended is the ONLY way anything gets done in the world.  If you use Twitter as it was meant to use, it is a wonderful thing.   It can help you ACTUALLY market.  It can help you build an audience that trusts you.  It can keep your finger on the pulse of important events, great links, great tools, relevant people and huge ideas.

You are SO MUCH MORE than just your business, your Squidoo pages, your ‘marketing’ knowledge.  Bring YOURSELF to your Twittering, use it for a while, and see what the twitterers THEMSELVES tell you about it.

THEN, and ONLY THEN, will you be ready to bring the rest to the table.

Good luck with your twits!

2 comments on “Twitter for Squidooers

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  2. bdkz
    April 16, 2008

    Great post about Twitter…very true!

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