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Finished: after a year and a half…

Michelangelo’s David

Seth suggested it soon after I published the David page, and others have asked me many times. Finally I got around to finishing it!

I’ve written an eBook called “Masterpiece Lenscrafting on Squidoo” which is the procedure I followed, and my tips and techniques, for writing Michelangelo’s David. It works because the page has maintained lensrank consistently and steadily. You can use it to write content on other sites as well, but my focus is Squidoo.

It is NOT a book about internet marketing- there are too many other people more knowledgable than I am on that subject. This is about WRITING. Writing content. About what I know about getting and KEEPING Lensrank…

It isn’t something a person wants to do on every single page- it is time consuming. But, if you are interested in having at least ONE fabulous page, like the David, and want to know how to make many more, and get interest in them outside of Squidoo, then this little ebook will help you.

If you’d like some special help building a beautiful page like this David page, contact me for my eBook “Masterpiece Lenscrafting on Squidoo”

One comment on “Finished: after a year and a half…

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