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Pot Pie Girl and Squidooing

There are some people that make you feel good every time you run into them, and Jennifer, also known as Pot Pie Girl, is one of them!  I have been trying to pay attention to this very friendly, knowledgeable and SHARP woman but she’s so prolific that it is impossible to get it all in.

I first really became impressed with her during the Thirty Day Challenge, where she seemed to know as much or more than the fellows running it- she just seems to have a talent for this, and she also has a talent for people, helping and making them comfortable.

She manages to do what others don’t- gives great advice about Squidoo and all things web 2.0 without over-hyping!  She’s a true professional.

If you’re up to some study about how to market your lens using 2.0 techniques, she has a nice lens called How to Get Traffic to Your Squidoo Lens.

2 comments on “Pot Pie Girl and Squidooing

  1. PotPieGirl
    March 28, 2008


    I have no idea what I did to deserve such a sweet, wonderful, generous, and extremely kind-hearted post from you. THANK YOU!

    I was sitting here helping my daughter with her English Lit homework (expository writing, anyone?) when the alert for this post came thru my email. I read it to my daughter four times! I then read it to each cat…..twice. I might even wake up the hubby to read it to him a time or ten…but that might not be wise =)

    Margaret, you are such a gracious and talented lady. You are truly an asset to Squidoo, the internet, and to everyone that knows you!

    Thank you for the kind words!!!!!


    UhOh….cat jumped in my lap….just might read to her just one more time before leaving….haha!

  2. Onefineham
    June 23, 2011

    Potpiegirl has helped a lot of people make an impact on the web and in their own lives. I’m one of them and consider myself glad to have learned from her.

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