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Adding Income Potential to your Squidoo Page

There are LOTS of great income producing modules at Squidoo! Each one of those that you may add will split the commission between you and Squidoo.

Many lensmasters also use their own Affiliate links, such as Commission Junction or Amazon, instead of the modules provided by Squidoo, and if there are sales on those modules the income is NOT split.

The Amazon modules come in several forms- the regular Amazon module under ‘starter package’ in the ‘add modules mode- a maximum of 5 products; there is also an Amazon Plexo which allows as many items as you want to add; and the Amazon Spotlight module which highlights ONE specific product and allows you to add content and explain the reason why you want to draw visitor’s attention to this ONE thing.

I have had success with all the types of Amazon modules, and so which one to use will mainly be determined by the content of your page and introduction.

If you are clear that you are primarily a shopping page, both the regular Amazon module and the Amazon plexo are good ways to offer numerous products.

If you are not primarily a commerce page, but a content page, just a few really important products should be highlighted.

On “Chocolate:: The Gourmet Guide” I have used nearly all REGULAR Amazon modules, and only TWO Amazon Spotlight Modules. I think of this as primarily a content page that offers specific things for sale. My hope is to develop a returning audience who will find the links and advice useful.

On Amish Quilt Racks, Quilt Shelves and Quilt Clamps, this is clearly a commerce/shopping page and I use all three types of Amazon modules. It is actually, financially, one of my best performing lenses! It also provides off-site shopping to an Amish Furniture store which directs traffic to them and it helps that small business very much.

When you are writing the introduction to your page, keep in mind whether you plan for the page to be a purely or mainly shopping page, or mainly a content page. In my experience, if visitors are expecting content but find only shopping, they leave disappointed or even angry. If they are expecting a shopping experience and that’s what they get, they do spend time and look at what you offer and why. If they are expecting a content page, and you give them LOADS of content with some few product highlights, if your content is good and satisfying, they’ll take your product recommendations seriously!

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