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Earning Money on Squidoo

Newbie Squidoo lensmasters are interested in how much they can make if they build Squidoo pages, if my How to Make Your First (or Second) Squidoo Lens is any guide.

The reports of making LOTS of dough on Squidoo are WAY OVERRATED.

Just by building a squidoo page that gets a little traffic, you can earn $.05 per month. If you are getting lots of traffic and are in one of the top tiers of Squidoo lensrank, you can earn (up to now) $7 or $8 on a page per month. Lower lensrank tiers pay out less per month. The competition for the top pay rank tiers has increased with the number of pages and will get more and more competitive as time goes on, since the pay-rank tiers do not seem to increase as the number of lenses on Squidoo do.

This is strictly the ‘adsense’ share that you receive from click-throughs on the ads that are on every Squidoo page.

You can increase your income potential in lots of ways, by adding income generating modules like Amazon. If your page is interesting, and the products on Amazon are relevant, you may do very well on sales.

You can use it to drive traffic to your off-Squidoo business that may get you quite a decent amount of converting traffic. The Amish pages did fairly well with specific products off site, like Amish Lazy Susans and Amish Jewelry Armoires.

Off site products, like your own book, or your small business, seem to me to be the most effective way to generate income from your pages. For the small business owner, Squidoo accomplishes a LOT that is otherwise extremely difficult to get done.

We have a few lensmasters that seem to be making money with affiliate links added into the Squidoo pages.

Far and away the ones who appear to be making the most money on Squidoo are the ones who are telling you how to make money on Squidoo, and they earn their income from the products sold to people who want to earn money on Squidoo.  Or building ‘formula pages’ that are then sold for a high price and over-hyped.  Otherwise, their pages don’t actually perform any differently than any other Squidoo page, some are more popular, some are less, usually they are all subject to seasonal interest and the income ebbs and flows. Those pages still need to generate higher levels of performance to earn the income sharing money from Squidoo.

Some lensmasters believe that you need to make about a thousand Squidoo pages to earn some sort of a living. They may be right, but 990 pages earning a nickel each every month is definitely something to consider before you try it.

My suggestion is to maximize the performance of your most important pages, get all the traffic to these pages you can, and attempt to use the best strategies you can find there, first.

I’ll be discussing a few strategies that I’ve noticed that seem to work very well for some lensmasters in a future post.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

3 comments on “Earning Money on Squidoo

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  3. Kimberly at Squidoo
    March 26, 2008

    There is a handful of people making hundreds of dollars each month with their lenses. It’s a small percentage of our total users, but a long list when you have to go through it each month! These lensmasters are known for their quality AND quantity of lenses, and the profits keep rising each month. If you want it, you can have it. Great notes!

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