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Castles & Honeymoons- Sounds GOOD!

LisaJesse is a romantic type, if we can tell anything about her from her lensmaster list! As part of her small business/ lensmastering enterprise, she is building a roster of pages around romance, honeymoons, weddings, gifts between couples.

She made a great page called European Castle Honeymoons which, if there is a shred of romance left in your soul, and you are getting married, is an idea worth checking out!

Marriage is BIG business, of course, and if we can carve out our own little niche, we may be able to build up our enterprises a little at a time. Lisa has done this with a very interesting topic. She has researched various castles in different parts of Europe, provided links and information opportunities, and has increased the income potential of her page by offering great books and manuals.

I can see that she can make other great Squidoo pages by variation of this specific topic. So, for example, she can do ‘second marriages’ or romantic second honeymoon options, and so on.

I’ll be taking a look at ‘wedding travel’ as a module for the Wanderer’s Travel group very soon, since the peak for that season is coming fairly fast.

This is an excellent example of a page that really needs a promotion map and calendar plan to get the most out of it. Though weddings do occur year-round, they are mainly in the summer, especially June (yes, that old line) and they take a great deal of planning in advance!

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