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Create a Small Business ‘Calling Card’ On Squidoo

Business cards, or ‘calling cards’ have a long and venerable history. In Victorian Era Europe, the wealthy and professional class people had them. If they were ‘calling’ on an acquaintance, the card was given to the butler as a pre-introduction.

Since that time, calling cards have grown and spread, have become almost as important an accessory as your gloves in winter, and are harder and harder to get noticed!

Making a calling card for yourself or your business on Squidoo is a very smart thing to do in an age of social web relationships and search. You must have SOMETHING easily found among the social web, no matter what type of business you have.

A calling card Squidoo page is incredibly flexible and attractive, needs no particular computer skills to build, and gives you the space to make a memorable presentation. Your page can be found in many ways by search, ways that you perhaps hadn’t thought of, and since it is free, all it will cost you is a little time.

Consider adding modules to your calling card such as office or customer service hours; blog feeds for updated news about your company/business; text/write modules introducing employees; contact information, locations, geographical service areas, base pricing.

If you are a restaurant, for example, you can add menus, recipes, special events, catering options.

A social ‘front door‘ where visitors can get comfortable with you, your staff, your products, your company before they do business with you is the first step in ‘permission marketing.’ It takes much of the stress off of your sales or outreach by inviting people in and letting them be the explorers. Squidoo pages are especially easy and flexible to set up and to change and update with time, and give you a small foyer for interested clients to get comfortable.

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