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Templates For Squidoo Lensmasters! New!

As I was diddling around with my dashboard, I discovered a new link in the right sidebar, which said ‘template.’

This was new to me, so I clicked on it, and up came the instruction that once I created a template, thereafter when I wanted to create a new page, I could click the ‘manage template’ in the right sidebar, and I would have my favorite modules already up in a page.  So I did ‘make a template.’

I’m left with a few questions, though it is a nice idea to have a template.  First, I added the modules I wanted, and only put content in one, a feed, and then clicked ‘publish’ thinking that this would establish what the template is permanently.

Then I got that dialogue box that I didn’t have enough content and the page wouldn’t be as good as it should be if I were to go ahead and publish- did I want to anyway, and I clicked ‘publish anyway.’

So, it seems I have a template.  It isn’t listed on my dashboard, so I don’t believe it will ‘count against me’ as a wip lens, and it was available on the right sidebar when I clicked ‘manage template.’

Looks like a nifty new tool for us.  Hopefully soon we’ll have any questions answered with information on the blogs or in squidu.  One of MANY new things for us to fool around with!

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