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Big News with New Layouts!

You may have looked at your pages today and discovered that the background is now dark blue, with all kinds of new insert boxes, new bio layout, and so on.

Right now it looks like headquarters is introducing it topic by topic.  In Animals and Nature, you can see a great page, one of the LOTY year winners, Are You Polar Bear Aware, with this new layout.   Frankster’s page, luckily for her, looks especially FABULOUS with that dark background!

One of the interesting things about the new layouts is the fact that, according to who the visitor is, the layouts and what is seen is slightly different!  In your new ‘toolbox’ at the top right of the new layout, you’ll see a magnifying glass with the word ‘views’.  You can see how your page looks from each of those different views!

The lens of mine in the Animals and Nature topic is The Thoracle.   For some reason, I really really like the blue background on Animal lenses!

Back to the various new views:

First, you can look at the page from the first-timer, non-searcher view.

Second, you can see it from the first-timer, searcher view. (someone searching squidoo for certain terms)

Third, you can see it from a repeat visitor view.  

Lastly, you can see it from the member view.

This means that Squidoo will be leaving cookies on visitors computers.  If they clear their cookies regularly, they will either go back to the first-timer view, or if they are a member, from the member view.

From that same toolbox, you can access your stats for the page, you can also send a squid-cast, or edit the page.

Headquarters expects some wonderful things out of the new layouts, and they are very excited about having multiple views depending on the visitor.   I admit that it has a lot of potential, and I’m very interested to see what it will work out to be.

It might be confusing for a newbie squidoo lensmaster, though.  Be sure to ask questions here or at SquidU if you have difficulty with this new layout.

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