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MonkeyBrains is a Fun, Low Maintenance Webpage


You’ve seen this at the top of your dashboard- the invitation to ‘pick a fight’ or create a debate, using a squidoo page.

I made one, a temporary page that I will be deleting soon after the presidential election is over.  I made it temporary because I wanted to see what it was like to have one of these pages, how much maintenance it would be, whether you could make a dime doing it or not,  and whether it was ‘worth it’ all around.

I can say that it has as good a chance of making money as you have a hot topic.  It isn’t any more maintenance than any other Squidoo page, and it does seem to be worth the time and effort to make one.  But the best thing about it is that it is more fun than I thought it would be!

There MUST be at least one topic you’d enjoy debating, or watching others debate!  If there is, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it on MonkeyBrains.  I think I’ll make another, as soon as I decide what bull-ring I want to throw my hat into for the longer term!

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