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Lens of the Year, Girl Powered Peace Honorable Mention!

Nate also took for his fabulous lens “Girl Powered Peace“- a favorite topic of so many of us.

“Give to a man and he’ll eat, Give to a woman and a whole village eats”

Isn’t that the truth about what the Bangladeshi government found, when trying to decide how to disburse funds and business opportunities?  I recall that, when the men and the commerce people were angry that the government gave the cell phone contract to the Grameen Bank instead of them, the government said, “When we give these things to you, poverty remains.  When we give them to the women, children are lifted out of poverty, women are taken out of poverty, and so are men.”

It is a damning indictment on the power and the focus of men all over the world, and just as true everywhere else as in Bangladesh.

But there will NEVER be global peace without true justice, and true justice includes women, children, the weak, the sick, the powerless.

Excellent job, Nate.

One comment on “Lens of the Year, Girl Powered Peace Honorable Mention!

  1. Nate Haney
    April 18, 2008


    Thank you so much for your coverage, and kind words. I am a firm believer that if we all do a little, we can do a lot. That’s why I am on a mission to show our peeps all the great things happening in this world. If you like my Lens squidoo.com/GirlPoweredPeace, take a look at my site http://www.WorldPeaceEmerging.com. Where we showcase people that are Daring To Save the World! Again it’s people like you that make the difference, so thanks so much Margaret.

    Lots of Love,
    Nate Haney

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