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Amish Break Into Internet, With a Little Help From Friends

While the Amish avoid technology wherever and whenever possible, they aren’t entirely opposed to having friends and knowledgeable people get some selected information out on the internet.

Some communities are more open, a little better represented here on the web, but I enjoy it most when the most reclusive and hard-working families and groups get some notice.

A new blog about the Amish and their Furniture helps bring out some information about real Amish folks, and explains some of the things about their work that they want you to know about.

Since this group also has some Squidoo pages, its the perfect match for those who are using Squidoo to increase their reach and visibility with some real content.  Take a look for yourself!

One comment on “Amish Break Into Internet, With a Little Help From Friends

  1. Charles Nabors
    February 11, 2010

    I would like to know if any Amish grow the South American grain quinoa. I have tried it on my 80 acres in Canada but was unsuccessful. C.A.Nabors

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