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A Special Squidoo Page for Local Businesses!


If your business is really localized, such as a bar or restaurant, or a real estate office, museum, or anything within a certain zip code range, Squidoo has introduced a Zip Code specific page for you especially! Called SquidZippers, even a tiny local business can have a fabulous, easily found webpage, and can do it very easily for free!

It can be a difficult decision for any local business to invest in an internet website. The questions are- is it worth it? How much interest, or business, will I get from folks on the other side of the country?

You’re right, you probably won’t get much global or continent wide business. But if you’re investing nothing but a few minutes of your time, you can make a beautiful website that anyone searching for localities can easily find.

I suggest you take a quick look at How to Make Your First Squidoo Lens, and get started! Then, visit SquidZippers and bring out all the best of your neighborhood business! You’ll have a LOT of fun and who knows, maybe far more free advertising than you thought possible!

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