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Should a Small Business Owner Make a Squidoo Page?

It is very difficult to ‘get the word out’ for small business people!  Advertising is expensive, the difficulty in targeting your true market makes a lot of time, effort and money wasted, and it is also difficult to gauge whether any of your marketing and advertising really works.

For a small business, it is essential to take advantage of every possible means of getting attention to your business, no matter where it is, what it is, or how localized it is.  Squidoo is one very important opportunity for you, a FREE opportunity, and it addresses many of the problems you face in making yourself known.

First, you can make a beautiful and custom presentation of your business, a kind of ‘front door’ that is attractive, easy to change for seasonal reasons, and inviting to visitors.  A great entry way has long been important to every business, and this is no less true on the internet!   Make a page that warmly greets visitors, either those who are looking for you specifically, those who are just looking for things that are similar to what you offer, or those just browsing the internet.  On a Squidoo page, it is very easy and fun to show off your personality and give reasons for people to warm up to you.

Secondly, your Squidoo page can be very specific for special products or services that you offer.  You can make support pages that help to answer questions, with a link to your website or shopping cart, and enable visitors to get their questions answered in a positive way at their own pace.

Permission marketing is the new way of approaching clients, meaning that you offer, make yourself available, and the customer themselves decides what they want to do.  A Squidoo page takes the pressure off of your marketing approach and grants visitors the dignity and respect of allowing them time to decide to give their permission and make you a resource in their lives.

One more consideration: even a very local business with a specific geographic market, can benefit from this approach.  Many people search the internet for even local businesses, and you want to be sure to be found by those who do!  A Squidoo page gives you an opportunity to present a CLASS ACT for your potential clients and a way for those customers to forward that information to more people that live in your area.

Squidoo pages are easily found on the internet if you are using the proper search terms.  Since it is free, and very easy, it is a new opportunity that should not be overlooked by any serious small business person.  Many small businesses have had a real boost in interest, traffic and customers by making one.

Beginning instructions can be found at How to Make Your First Squidoo Page.

I’ll be discussing more information about how to build and dress up your page in future posts.  Happy Squidooing!

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